US maintains Donald Trump's hard line in trade dispute with China | DW News

US Trade Consultant Katherine Tai on Monday introduced that Washington will search new trade talks with China. Washington believes Beijing has not honored its commitments below an settlement signed with the previous US President Donald Trump in January 2020 referred to as the “part one” trade deal. US President Joe Biden had additionally stored in place the tariffs imposed by his predecessor as Tai carried out a evaluate of US trade technique towards China. Typically, the US sees a bleak outlook. A Biden administration official advised the AFP information company that Washington was conscious “that China is unlikely to make significant reforms proper now,” and that there was no push for beginning long-awaited “part two” negotiations.

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In retaliation for Chinese language trade practices, former President Trump had imposed customs tariffs on $370 billion (€318 billion) value of Chinese language items. The punitive tariffs, nonetheless, had been criticized by many US corporations.
In August, among the most influential US companies urged Biden to cut back the surcharges. They mentioned US industries confronted “elevated prices” because the tariffs had been finally paid by importers.

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US maintains Donald Trump's hard line in trade dispute with China | DW News

41 thoughts on “US maintains Donald Trump's hard line in trade dispute with China | DW News”

  1. The whole Chyna nation is collapsing. SELL SELL SELL !!! The biggest floods in a century also about to sink the mainland !!! The three Gorges Dam wall could break, resulting in the flood of the century !!! Get out NOW !!! Whilst you can !!!

  2. It differs in that latter on in the speech the administration opened up the tariff exemption loophole. Lobbyists get out your check books, better to bribe politicians than invest in America. Breaking points covers the opening of the loophole.

  3. There are way too many loud mouths and too few brain cells. Why do people keep getting suckered into these provocative headlines. If you learned that Xi is refusing to meet Biden, you already know who has the upper hand. If you can't tell this, you should not be commenting.

  4. Why is this a surprise? People always maintain a hardline in trade talks. It's what happens when you wrap up and have to show results. Each side knows what chips the other side has. So attitude means nothing. How strong of a hand you have means everything. All the loud mouth talks are just for public consumption. Don't get suckered into these roller coaster rides.

  5. Make América Great Again meant the reindustrialization of América, this colides with the interests of the biggest economic groups. Trump was making a rupture with this model of globalization giving priority to MADE IN USA. These were the reasons why media made an enormous WASH BRAIN against Trump. You also remember recently the giant ship transporting almost 20 thousand containers named Ever Given ? There was some journalists asking how many fuel tons per day is necessary to move a giant like this ? How many of these goods were produced in some place where the enviroment normatives are nule ? Greetings from Portugal in Europe

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  7. Bottomline, China is pissing everyone off. It's not about China gaining economically, RATHER, it's how China did it. They stole technology, they forced foreign companies who wanted to do business in China to share their tech with local Chinese tech companies, they didn't respect foreign IP and patents, and now they're being a bully by provoking Taiwan and other neighboring Asian countries.

    China's in their early stage in their rise to being a world power but now we already see that they're unfriendly. I say the USA and its allies should just nip the flower in the bud.

  8. the phase 1 trade deal is closed off since the USA break down the deal by put more sanctions and tech war to China. and now Tsai now has her face to say China hasnt reached 200B pruchasing….Does American really think Chinese are slaves?

  9. I posted Article 6.2.4 of the Phase 1 Agreement, but you immediately censored and deleted it. So here's Article 6.2.4 again, which provides "The United States should ensure to take appropriate steps to facilitate the availability of US goods and services to be purchased and imported into China.

    The US ban on chip sale to China is a huge breach of Article 6.2.4. Besides, forcing China to commit to buying US$200 billion abòve the 2017 amount is duress under US law, and the agreement is voidable. China should therefore tear up the agreement and walk away.

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