Velshi: Biden’s Physical Exam Is Honest & Transparent. Just As It Should Be.

As we speak is President Biden’s 79th birthday, making him the oldest sitting President in American historical past. And, for a person his age, he has a fairly good invoice of well being. We all know this as a result of President Biden went for a bodily on Friday and his physician launched a really detailed & trustworthy abstract of his well being. It reads precisely as you’d anticipate a well being report back to learn. And it’s extremely clear: Joe Biden shouldn’t be in excellent form, however he’s what you’d anticipate a 79-year-old man to be. That is fairly the departure from the previous President. There’s transparency….after which there’s Donald Trump. Everybody in Donald Trump’s orbit fell into the vortex of exaggeration, obfuscation and hyperbole. Even one thing so simple as a bodily examination was sprinkled with white lies.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Velshi: Biden’s Physical Exam Is Honest & Clear. Just As It Should Be.

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Velshi: Biden’s Physical Exam Is Honest & Clear. Just As It Should Be.

23 thoughts on “Velshi: Biden’s Physical Exam Is Honest & Transparent. Just As It Should Be.”

  1. That's funny This🤣 gotta be a joke right? We all see That Brandon has some mental stuff going on with him . You're trying to compare trumps Mental awareness and stamina To Brandon's…. Brandon should step down and resign Or be impeached.

  2. That's not biased against President Trump, not a little bit……are you all crazy!!!. Yes the reports are different because they are two DIFFERENT people. Thank God. Maybe you and Pelosi should be compared. Bahahaha

  3. The man has dementia. He is clearly out of his mind. He can’t remember what state he’s in or what he’s going to say half the time.
    “You know…the thing….” 😂. And he falls going UP STAIRS 3 times!!!! He falls asleep at the podium and at international summits and goes into fetal position at the podium. MSNBC is the long of lies. Aren’t you people in enough trouble for lying? Weren’t you recently blocked from a courthouse for your crooked BS???

  4. Its funny when you think about it, somewhere out there,is a little girl, who's mom is a stripper, dad is a crack head and a grandfather that was seen walking unattended on the white house lawn. So terribly sad.

  5. This sounds so scripted and overly exaggerated in using terms like extremely transparent and even a regular person can understand it. However when trump had his they said we aren’t doctors and can’t understand if he is in good shape or not smh

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