Watch Donald Trump Incite Insurrectionists in Ashli Babbitt’s Name! #shorts

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Watch Donald Trump Incite Insurrectionists in Ashli Babbitt’s Title! #shorts

22 thoughts on “Watch Donald Trump Incite Insurrectionists in Ashli Babbitt’s Name! #shorts”

  1. Trump can't deny it, he is inciting his cult like followers again, just like he did on January 6. Trump is for the insurrectionist. He should be indicted for interfering in our elections, sedition, obstruction of congress, and inciting an insurrection.

  2. Maybe trump should whip up a bunch of his followers to march on the capital to get even for her death at the other thing he whipped up a bunch of his followers to go do the thing that got her shot in the first place.

  3. I cant believe you people think it was an insurrection if they wanted to have an insurrection they would have taken the capital simply with numbers and any of you thinking biden ids doing a good job your nuts go see a psychiatrist you have lost your damn mind

  4. ashli, along with her ten(+) years of steroid use (and her idiotic decision to support dear leader's lie), and rush are now in hell waiting for melania's dear, dotting, and beloved husband.

  5. I would like to say I don't like people just dying for just die she was at the wrong place wrong time she should have not been at the Capitol building now I'm black we wouldn't have been able to get on the grass

  6. Ashli Babbitt is going to be a Martyr. When Trump win's the election in 2024.
    He will have a 20 foot bronze Statue Erected right in front of the Congress steps.
    Actually it will be 30 to 40 yards back. Her Statue will be at the center of Martyr
    square, Dedicated to her and those freedom fighter attacking the capital that day.
    The Statue will be a depiction of her attempting to break thru the glass. Her body about to jump
    into the Congress building. A hand reaching out to save democracy. Martyr's square will have all
    those imprisoned freedom fighters names on the ground. Kinda like hollywood stars are in Las Angeies.
    This is similar to the Martyr Squares you see in Lebanon and other parts of the world, Not sure
    about the statues erected and names of people who made the ultimate sacrifice.
    The Statue wiil have Ashli Babbitt name at the top of base. Base is 8 feet high, 4ft by4ft,
    This will enable more names to be added in the future. Come January 6th, 2024 the
    Dedication will be made. A speech will be made by Marjorie Taylor Greene as Jim Jordon and Josh Holly
    lay a wreath at the base of statue. Then Orange face Trump Proclaims a national Holiday calling it
    "Stop the Steal Day" Stop the steal day will be celebrated every year at congress with re-enactments,
    Mike Pence being hanged and burned in effigy along Liz Chaney and Adam Kinzinger.
    Sound Crazy. Nothing like a Martyr to add credence to the Big Lie.

  7. There's nothing to investigate. She was in the process of illegally breaking and entering the Capitol, and the officer was defending it. Pretty damned straightforward.

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