Watch Donald Trump's best interview walkouts

Watch the best of President Trump’s interview walkouts. CNN’s Jeanne Moos reviews on how Trump terminates robust interviews.

Watch Donald Trump's best interview walkouts

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29 thoughts on “Watch Donald Trump's best interview walkouts”

  1. He's got a great way of sniffing out the as*hole media reps. And always gave it back with both barrels. Now we got a guy who gets pre arranged questions and still can't answer them lol!

  2. His best walk out ever…. was when he left the White House for the last time. Hey Donnie Dunce….. turn the light off when you leave and don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out. 😂

  3. Poor satanic cult at the Communist News Network doing the bidding for your criminal TreasonousTerroristRacistBigotedDemonCrapCommunist party🥳

  4. Because he is such a Naricissit,Anything that makes him look bad is a No no,Even talking with world leaders,or veterans,it doesn't matter with this sick idiot and he has no respect for anyone or anything,except Money and power and what he can get for Nothing,like his Fathers Fortune. Never answer a hard question,even when it's asked by a fake character like De Ali G.🇺🇸😷🇷🇺

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