Watch How The Ladies On 'The View' Used To Treat Donald Trump

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Watch how the women on the view used to deal with Donald Trump vs how they deal with him now.

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Watch How The Ladies On 'The View' Used To Treat Donald Trump

26 thoughts on “Watch How The Ladies On 'The View' Used To Treat Donald Trump”

  1. I’m literally gagging! I didn’t know this! No way! I knew all these people were friends with him at some point! Something doesn’t sit right with me knowing this now!


  3. Lol show the one where he said he would date his daughter if he wasn’t her father. They didn’t like him very well that day either. Before he ran for president he wasn’t the vile figure he became.

  4. It's mazing how someone decides to sacrifice his family, business, privacy, and himself to help the people of a country that he loves and has blessed him is repeatedly demonized. No good deed goes unpunished sometimes, not all of the time but sometimes. Racist, homophobe, Xenophob, Sexist, and many more insults were hurled at Trump. No one is perfect, nor will I, you, or anyone else ever become perfect until we get to Heaven. I am not suggesting Trump is one out of the list. Heaven is were God (Elohim, Yahweh, Allah) will make us perfect the way He perceives perfection. We need more honesty in our society today, especially among those in Hollywood and the Media. Most of all we need more of God in our lives, just a little more. That small percentage could change our trajectory. America does have some racist people. We also have some crazy people and some sick, lonely, hungry, and sad people. We can cure some, maybe not all of them. We don't have a racist society or a racism problem. If we did, then we would be weak and dominated by countries like Russia, China, Iran, and more. We are Not! We are not racist. We are hopeful, as fair as possible, and love more than any other people that make up a country. When we make an error we fix it. Stay strong America because they (the ominous they), want us scared and weak. They will lose, all of the evil forces will lose. TRUMP and Obama proved that we want a change and that we could have it. They were outliers, mavericks in practice and approach. America appreciates that on both sides of the political spectrum. I am with you America and so is God. Let's help TRUMP if he can turn this thing around. Of he cannot, then he's the wrong guy. It's our responsibility as Republicans to show the rest of America that we want the same things they want. God back in our schools, dinner with our families, a USA for everyone, one that is safe and protects our borders. No hyphenated Americans, no more of the color and race- b.s. Immigrants that wave the American flag and assimilate. Christmas back in Merry, and respect for our troops, mom and dad. God bless America!

  5. Everybody keeps calling these woman fake because they seem to like Trump and then after he ran for president they don't like him anymore that's a lot of people Donald Trump seems like a decent human being when he was a celebrity because he had to hide and he truly was when he ran for president that's what he saw his real side

  6. The problem is that Trump drastically changed his views over the last 20 years. Of course that means that those who supported him back in the days don’t anymore

  7. I know people have been saying this for a long time but we are past the tipping point on so many levels it is seriously only a short matter of time before the Yuno what hits the fan and The world is going to be exactly like what’s going on in Africa today

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