We Eat Like Donald Trump For A Day

“I really feel like rubbish.”

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We Eat Like Donald Trump For A Day

38 thoughts on “We Eat Like Donald Trump For A Day”

  1. I’m sorry to say but if you think he truly eats like this everyday you’re mistaken😂 and the reason he would eat like this is cause he’s a business man and every moment of his time is precious in his line of work. He needs quick and convenient. So it’s understandable he tries to go for stuff you can get easy. I’m sure when he’s got the time he probably eats pretty good and decently healthy. I’m saying this as an unbiased opinion. Whether you like him or not just pls use some common sense😂

  2. Honestly, I don’t see problem with he’s meal. Man eats what man wants I guess.
    Definitely better than some of those nasty wet salads some people like eating.

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