Weekend Update: House Passes Build Back Better Bill – SNL

Weekend Replace anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che sort out the week’s largest information, like a Washington, D.C. college suspending honoring Dave Chappelle.

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Weekend Replace: House Passes Build Back Better Bill – SNL

22 thoughts on “Weekend Update: House Passes Build Back Better Bill – SNL”

  1. Anytime I see jokers try to diss President Biden, the audience is like now c’mon, be nice. When Jimmy Kimmel tried a downing Biden joke, the audience gave that reaction and Jimmy actually said, “was that too much”? The polls may say one thing, but audiences say, he’s a nice older man, now just stop.

  2. Love Matt Gaetz. Not Lovin the one-sided political bashing. And that kid was innocent. Did you see the evidence? All that said the TRUMP Judge Jeanine Bit was pretty dang brilliant!

  3. I don’t like the fact that Colin knows hentai tropes. He shouldn’t. He should be eating a peanut butter sandwich and watching Grey’s Anatomy.

  4. This little MAGA bigot armed himself and willingly went into a situation where he could have a chance to kill people as a self-appointed weekend warrior vigilante to protect private property to the death with a f-ing assault weapon. He (and Republicans in general) are LUSTING TO KILL lefties. They're lusting for a white supremacist, fascist, Christian dictatorship / civil war. They'll go full Nazi if we let them.

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