We're at war with an invisible enemy: Donald Trump in coronavirus address

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In his coronavirus address, US President Donald Trump mentioned that the folks of United States are in a war in opposition to an invisible enemy which has attacked 144 nations. He added that the US residents are enduring a nationwide trial for which everybody has to help one another. Trump gave an replace on the medical gear and provides and mentioned that he’ll struggle coronavirus and won’t cease till he wins the war in opposition to it.
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We're at war with an invisible enemy: Donald Trump in coronavirus address

41 thoughts on “We're at war with an invisible enemy: Donald Trump in coronavirus address”

  1. It would be great if someone would create a virus detector that could be seen with a simple detecting blue light or any color light installed in one's cell phone or watch or anywhere, even a lazer pointer type of device dedicated
    to identify such a task, much like luminol is utilized in crime scenes to detect blood.
    If only we could see this enemy, we would know to stay clear of it, report it, annihilate it. We would avoid it as if it were a deadly poisonous bug.

  2. other than nationalistic comments which are totally unnecessary he is giving all the help people need without playing politics.This is a big improvement for trump and he should continue the same and bring both parties together in this crisis.

  3. 1 doctor per 11,600 Indians, 1 hospital bed per 1,826 Indians. Indian citizens be stressed if infected to all .So citizens follow the govt instructions and save you family and the country.don't take impulsive actions, don't imagine u as a superman/women.Life is precious

  4. This virus is a curse from the almighty. We people have to suffer because we elect such womanisers , wife deserters to high office of the country , who only want to make life miserable for poor and down trodden by their divisive policy’s . They should know that the almighty is not a silent spectator who will keep on watching when his own creations-is being destroyed by these people . This is a eye opener to us not to support such bastards who have no morality .These people should be thrown in the dustbin of history .

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