What Nick Saban had to say after Alabama football loss to Texas A&M | SEC News

What head coach Nick Saban had to say after Alabama football loss to Texas A&M football | SEC News | CFB News

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Alabama Crimson Tide Football movies from Tuscaloosa, Alabama from the workers at BamaInsider.com.

0:00 Opening
2:45 Protection in opposition to Miss. St.
3:50 Operating in opposition to Texas A&M
4:25 Placing stress on the QB
5:45 Offensive line play
6:40 John Metchie to date this season
7:30 Response to Bryce Younger interception
8:25 Message to gamers after a loss
9:25 “Don’t waste a failure”
10:30 Brian Robinson’s workload
11:20 Lacking starters in opposition to A&M
12:30 Shut

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What Nick Saban had to say after Alabama football loss to Texas A&M | SEC News

39 thoughts on “What Nick Saban had to say after Alabama football loss to Texas A&M | SEC News”

  1. LOTS OF MENTAL MISTAKES. Seemingly little on field communication and appeared every set that Bama was behind the power curve. OL was not explosive, DL and LBs did not contain the run game and the entire secondary gave up too much over the middle and poor on tackling after the catch.

  2. I was blown away at how unprepared the entire team was. Shocked ! It almost looked like they gave away the game or took a dive. Just think for one minute. There were billions being bet on this game by gamblers favoring Alabama. If you took the other side you just won a fortune. Just a hunch. I have watched football and followed Alabama for many years and what I witness was shocking. This QB Bryce is one of the fastest and best in the nation at getting rid of the ball within a few seconds and yet in this game with an all out blitz, he held the ball so many times in the first half and just fell down tackled. If he threw the ball over their heads, it would have been a Touch down every time. So why did he held the ball so much and get tackled???? Why. When a blitz is coming, A QB must get rid off the ball within a few seconds with a screen or draw or throw quickly to a back coming out and he did not do this at all. Why??????? The defensive backs got burnt so much by a large margin. They were not playing the deep ball so many times. Why??? Something is very wrong here folks.

  3. I didn’t like the comments about Metchie. It’s clear he’s not playing that well. So, is he actually hurt right now or? And if he is, or isn’t 100% why keep trying to play him so much? We have got to get other receivers involved. If Metchie isn’t healthy, then why not try rotating in Agiye Hall who is healthy and can catch the ball? Some of the personnel decisions we’re making on both sides of the ball in terms of who keeps playing and who isn’t getting to are certainly head scratchers. We’ve got a lot of young players that need to get in the game over some of the older ones who are continuing to not play well. We’ve already lost a game so you can’t claim the winning/undefeated excuse.

  4. Out of the 6 national championships Coach has had at Bama, only twice have we went undefeated. Just keep that in mind. I hope the media says we are dead and gone!

  5. Hats off to B-Rob! He played like a champion when everyone else was acting like the guy next to him was gonna make the play. Its time for Dirty Pete to go!

  6. I think both offense and defense needs to play hard work hard this song called never say never and be the best and make them work 24 hours a day nick saban needs them to play hard in practice

  7. You are talking about O’Brien but you have to use everyone. I believe this was created my O’Brien. O’Brien has a lot of Filthy in his body and I think it has infected this team. I’ve never seen BAMA play like this for three or four game straight. There is something going on in BAMA line Land that has never been there before this year. If Saban doesn’t fire O’Brien I don’t think BAMA will get it together.

  8. Why don't we ask the real questions like " Is the twelfth man of A&M the officiating ?" or " Is there no such thing as offensive holding when Texas A&M has the ball?" . On the real, A&M did what they needed to. Nothing taken away from them, but seriously the officiating in the SEC has been trash this year.

  9. Well, I am amazed how if the news doesn't say it, it doesn't exist, like FISA warrants and TaliBeden. But, football politics aside, here is the deal. Bryce Young gave them 7 points by the bogus handoff to Robinson deep in our part of the field. Then in their end zone by a bad pass, he denied Bama another 7. Paul Tyson would have been better. Then the defense, couldn't stop the run or rush the passer. Their defense did. We don't trust our offense to score on fourth and goal at the two? They outplayed and outcoached Bama. Players not playing or just not good enough, if there is a difference.

  10. The defense was simply unacceptable at all positions. The last 5 minutes of the game was very concerning both defensively and offensively. Perhaps having assistant coaches who are truly engaged in winning every play needs more disciplinary action. There is a disconnect going on between coaches and the players. I have never before seen so many missed assignments and questionable efforts as I noticed in these most recent games. Please get more experienced coaches for the defense to help improve it, especially at the end of the game. No excuses for losing in the last 5 minutes after spending nearly 50 minutes of game time to catch up and go ahead. There needs to be more discipline and accountability at all levels for everyone. I don't see how it's remotely possible that we win the remainder of these games with these glaring mistakes and poor play. Certainly not emblematic of Alabama football that I have been watching over the past 15 years. This team needs to mature and grow up now or say goodbye to your season.

  11. 1,2 Georgia’s coming for you… 3,4 better lock your door… 5,6 Bryce Young looked like Bo Nix… 7,8 Bama’s not that great… 9,10 Y’all gone lose AGAIN 🤣

  12. I’ve never seen so much panic and hate after one loss. I’m an A&M fan, I was at the game Saturday. The stadium was the most electric I’ve ever seen, almost magical. We were meant to win that game. Y’all over here folding after one loss in the past 2 years. That A&M team is extremely talented, just had some issues to work out on the O line and qb position, y’all really can’t handle losing. That’s not a good sign.

  13. There's a reason i'm not a coach and just some random idiot typing out his frustrations in a comment section. But if I were a coach I'd send Ol' Golding and his entire defensive unit a one way ticket to a JUCO school and go find me a defense ya reckon?

  14. Buck Alabama. Your dynasty and clemsons dynasty is over. It's the Dawgs time now. UGA and Kirby is the next team to run the table. Wonder how many bandwagon fans will jump on this year. Haha. LOW TIDE HAHAHAHAHA

  15. I am an OU fan, but what in the world is wrong with people it was pretty clear this would be a rebuilding year for Alabama. But my god people even in his rebuilding years they are still a 1 or 2 loss team, it happens its why we play the game. There is a lot of competitive teams in the top 25 this year. I love his no nonsense pressers, no excuses, no crying, we just failed.

  16. As a bama fan since I was young (around 2002) I'm still proud of the program compared to what it was back then… One loss in 19 games is still very good odds. Time to wake the team up. We need that edge back and I think a loss will wake everyone up.

  17. He isn’t the same coach he was 3 to 4 years ago. The program seems to have changed from ass chewings to praise for barely winning. This millennial generation is a trip man. Very few real dogs left. Too many nice guys.

  18. Pete Golding is the problem. Alabama has never looked this bad on defense for consecutive years. They almost always field the best team because of how they recruit, but these players simply do not look coached up. They look lost and clueless just about every play. How many times just before the snap are we seeing defensive players look around like they still don't know what their assignment is? Pair that with a his inability to disguise coverages and boneheaded play calling in general, and this is what you get. 38 points should get you a win against this Texas A&M team. Enough chewing him out on the sidelines, make a change.

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