What Nick Saban said after loss to Texas A&M | SEC news

What Nick Saban said after loss to Texas A&M | SEC news | CFB News

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Alabama Crimson Tide Soccer movies from Tuscaloosa, Alabama from the employees at BamaInsider.com.

0:00 Opening Assertion
1:40 Pink zone offense
2:50 Brief yard rushes
4:20 4th Quarter protection
5:52 Profitable streak earlier than loss
7:45 Objectives for the remainder of the season
8:56 Shut


What Nick Saban said after loss to Texas A&M | SEC news

50 thoughts on “What Nick Saban said after loss to Texas A&M | SEC news”

  1. It’s ok rolltide, you guys will be there at the end still. Just how my longhorns lost our game as well you guys still have a playoff spot in your sight. We horns are just looking to winning our BIG12 title. the season ain’t OVER!!! 🤘🏼

  2. Jimbo called his shot and cashed the check he wrote. Alabama is weak on the road. I don’t see the tide winning the SEC this year. No shot to beat UGA. GD Auburn is probably taking the iron bowl.

  3. We need to fix the play calling. Quit blaming the players. It’s the coaches responsibility to have a game plan. You threw two slants during all the blitzes. You did no draw plays during all the blitzes. You did no screen plays during any blitzes.

  4. Alabama has won 6 national championships but has only went undefeated twice 2009 and 2020 and both time they lost in week 6 and didn't make it to the national championship the following year in 2010…this year: ??? Our defense isn't ready this year. Calm down, we the current Champs…ROLL TIDE!!!

  5. I think everybody talking about replacing coaches needs to chill. Pete Golding's defense looked like shit until the last quarter of the season last year and still won everything the last quarter handily iirc. It was admittedly a bad night for Golding, O'Brien's offense still put up 40+ points and could have had a lot more if it weren't the few bad calls (AND some poorly executed ones by some of our players). You can't have one bad night and try to change everything done up to this point.

    My point is, every assistant that goes into the Alabama program, looks like they aren't gonna cut it and will be a detriment overall to Alabama because Bama is so successful. But just about every one leaves a completely different coach and improves tremendously.

    GA, A&M, Tennessee and Ole Miss are all being coached by former Saban assistants and wouldn't be where they are without Alabama.
    Then you got Texas and Oregon just off the top of my head.

    Just give these guys time. I'm not defending their performances but I think they have a lot of room to improve

  6. This is why even though Saban is a better coach than Bear, he will never be the man Bryant was. Bryant didn’t blame his players. He blamed himself, when things went badly. Even when it was the players fault. Saban is the best CEO ever to build and run a program but blaming your players is bush league and classless. He finally threw himself in as part of the problem. Hallelujah

  7. When Alabama loses, it typically means they played poorly – dropped passes, turnovers, etc. Hat's off to TA&M. I did not think this game was going to be close.

  8. A&m played a great game and was ready.qe got out played.that being said who the hell has the ball inside the five on first down and throws three passes in a row? Kiffen wouldn't have even done that crap..specially how the passing game was going.we was running the ball well to that point..damn.anyways congrads to a&m ..u deserve it

  9. A little humility was probably needed to wake up this team . Saban actually seems somewhat relieved to me. Only two of the 6 nattys under Saban at Alabama were undefeated!!

  10. I love coach Saban, but I said at the beginning of the season, I just don't see the same energy from him like before, especially after a loss like this. I look for him to retire soon. Hope not! Just my opinion.

  11. Nobody explains it like SABAN!
    Everyone EXPECTS Bama to win EVERY game and for the MAJORITY of the time they do ! They lost most of team to the draft and had to start fresh once again and keep winning.

    Like it or not SABAN is a hell of a coach

    Not every Alabama team is going to go undefeated

    They are still a YOUNG team and it's only going to get better!

    It's not over by any means

    If they are solid this year IMAGINE 2022 & 23 when these guys become stronger and knowledgeable!!!

    My team can't even get past the line of scrimmage with many 2nd and 3rd year players ( lsu ) and Bama does it EVERY year !

    Just shows ya how much SABAN is really leaps and bounds ahead of the class

  12. A&M still had a lot of senior's from last year and Alabama is pretty much a new team , they did better than I thought only loosing by 3 points . 😟

  13. You were out played.Texas A.and M was hungry…Quarterbacks.one for one….Alabama Quarterback…got sacked..could have run the ball.many times….honestly Alabama..look like a bunch of stooges.but the buck stops with Nick…and his coaches….Wake up

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