What's Up With Kyle Shanahan's Offense?

Why is Kyle Shanahan’s 49ers offense struggling?

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What's Up With Kyle Shanahan's Offense?

24 thoughts on “What's Up With Kyle Shanahan's Offense?”

  1. He's proven he has a losing record getting worse. Whatever happened to "winning with class"? I'm sick of what my Niners look like. JED, take your time, get some help, and find a Kyle successor.

  2. I bet the Dolphins are happy with those draft picks. Season is practically over. Kinda hard to win games with a gimpy roster. Why is Jalen Hurd still on the team?

  3. I think McDaniels is calling plays mostly! Kyle is not OC this year but I think that will change during the bye (far as calling plays)!

    And I 100% agree with that 4th down call!! I screamed so loud like WTF 🤬!

  4. And what’s up with Kittle liking the “He ain’t no kyler Murray” tweet then unliking it….trade his ass and get some picks back. He’s not the same player either

  5. The Fullback playing QB and doing a nudge, the FB playing QB and pitching it to the QB isn’t “genius, is kiddy ball and it’s bullshit. At this point I see a guy who is trying to be overly smart… thinks he’s smarter than everyone else…he’s gonna lose the team with his bullshit

  6. The thing is this isn't a "bad year" for Kyle, this is the norm. Offense has been below average every year besides 2019. And in his career, I think he's had a top 10 offense like 3-4 times.

  7. JESUS CHRIST, they ran that play earlier this season for a first down… not a surprise genius play the 2nd time around within a few weeks. The LBs crashed the A gaps as soon as they saw him get under center.. Was a terrible play call

  8. John is right, Kyles just not been in a rhythm… It’s not time to fire him, we all have seen how good of a coach he can be plus the players love him… Us fans have to be faithful and a little more patient…

  9. Kyle is struggling because he is Overrated and his decision making is costing them games. His development of Qbs is overrated. He ended the career of RG3. His handling of Aiyuk is absolutely atrocious. Did he fuck Kyles Wife or something? He is 33-39 as a head coach. He already has a talented roster so that is no excuse and neither are Injuries. If this is another losing season he has to go. There will be coaches out there. Hes just a name nothing more.

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