Who's Actually Supporting Donald Trump? | The Daily Show

From 2015, Jordan Klepper leads a spotlight group of possible Donald Trump voters to seek out out who’s supporting the unconventional presidential candidate. #DailyShow #JordanKlepper #Throwback

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Who's Actually Supporting Donald Trump? | The Daily Show

46 thoughts on “Who's Actually Supporting Donald Trump? | The Daily Show”

  1. It is enlightening as much as it is scary.
    The most scary things is that there are people of color in the audience that Trump actually discriminates against. The audience is not only whites. Very weird.

  2. I've learned so much from Trump University scholars and intellectuals. I've learned that stupidity and ignorance is an ideology, an actual political movement. I've learned that using the equation: (ignorance + stupidity) × (arrogance + intellectual dishonesty)= faith, allows one to circumvent facts and scientific method to make anything possible. I've also discovered that our nation is not a democracy, but an Idiocracy.

  3. It makes me very sad to see how some people put their signs down for the Jew registry and keep them up for Muslims. They are clearly singling out Muslims as a threat because of their religion.

  4. The bottomline is that they support him as long as he is targeting 'them' and not 'us'. A more stringent one is that it even does not matter that he is targeting us, as long as he is treating 'them' worse. That explains why some women, immigrants, muslims, uneducated vote for him.

  5. Wow that first lady is crazy she litterly said most not some like for all races are committing crimes some whites commimt crimes some blacks some Hispanics not most u crazy b×××× ive worked alot of jobs in my day u know the hardest working are immagrants the kindest ppl too that lady is crazy af
    Also they had to think between a racist sandwich and trump sayings and they want to round up to jews

  6. It's because 1. They're already a little bit dumb and 2. They've been completely indoctrinated by sophisticated, targeted, propaganda, 24/7 for years. ….but it's mostly because they're idiots.

  7. Lots of great people. True Americans. FBI Admits There is No Evidence of Any Insurrection Plot by Trump Supporters at Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol Demonstration – Big League Politics

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