Who's The Creepy "No Such Thing As A Coincidence" Guy?

There is no such factor a coincidence.
Please remark if you recognize extra about this meme’s origins.

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Who's The Creepy "No Such Thing As A Coincidence" Man?

27 thoughts on “Who's The Creepy "No Such Thing As A Coincidence" Guy?”

  1. Fun fact: when you're watching this video and reading my comments now, it means that you're vibrationally aligned with the same exact frequency of my electromagnetic energy resonance, there are no such thing as coincidence, its all myth

  2. One of the main reasons GOD placed us on earth is to take care of it. Keep trying to spread love and positivity wherever you go my friends. Much love to y'all and I hope and pray that I overcome whatever difficulties u may be going through if any at all! 🙏❤️💞

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