Why 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan Doesn’t Always Play his Best Players

Grant Cohn explains why San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan would not all the time play his greatest gamers.

Why 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan Doesn’t Always Play his Best Players

22 thoughts on “Why 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan Doesn’t Always Play his Best Players”

  1. Throw in Josh Johnson already , I mean why pick him up if he’s not going to take a snap 🤦🏻‍♂️ . Take note from the saints . They used all three QBs that night . Get the QBs with concrete shoes out of there . Too stationary

  2. I totally agree! Stop calling plays for Mckinnon. He's too slow he can't hit the hole!Lol.. He is also bad at blocking! When he runs he it looks like he's waiting for someone to tackle him.

  3. Shanahan = great play caller. Bad talent evualator. He just doesn’t have a clue how to recognize player personnel. Being a good coach isn’t always about knowing the X’s and O’s. It’s also about knowing who to play in the starting lineup between the Jimmy’s and the Joes.

  4. McKinnon scored a TD late in the Packers game and Shanahan got fooled into thinking he was good again. Gave him 18 freakin carries yesterday for 33 yards. Didn’t he say he likes him as a 3rd down back?? And then gives him all those damn carries?? WTF. Shanahan is so confused. He actually cost us the Philly game because he started McKinnon and KEPT JEFF WILSON ON THE BENCH!!! Dude waited forever to finally unleash James in the offense. It took an injury to Tartt for him to finally play T-Moore. Trent Taylor made the roster over Juan Jennings. Shanahan just doesn’t have an eye for talent. Bottom line.

  5. As much as I like McKinnon him getting the ball to run it pisses me off, I don’t mind him catching passes but running especially on 3rd down is ridiculous I got more explosiveness than him and I haven’t been active for a minute

  6. McKinnon is a waste of time money and he's injury prone i don't know what kyle shanahan and John Lynch see in him he does not care about winning games he's just milking it with the 49ers getting millions of dollars just release his ass he a lost cause he's a bum not a baller when it comes to playing football

  7. They shouldve kept Breida put him and Mostert as the two starting running backs, shouldve cut McKinnion, and Coleman. Then developed Wilson Jr and Hasty smh fuckin dumb

  8. Please Grant tell Kyle to how you feel please. I saw the game Sunday, O line is terrible ☹️ . But defense did a lot of work. I am so disappointed, they could win the game if play call and pick player better ……sad!

  9. Savon Ahmed thru week 9 has 28 carriers for 128 yards and one touchdown. You act like he's an all pro or something. I don't blame Shanahan for trying too finally see what McKinnon could bring after 2 years. You didn't say a peep when Ahmed was cut. And the Dolphins cut him too btw before bringing him up from their practice squad.

  10. Salvon Ahkmed has a ball security problem, or at least he did in training camp. That's an unforgivable sin. I don't think one good game against the Chargers is enough for me to feel that the Niners let him slip through Kyle Shanahan's hands. Shanahands.

    McKinnon got paid a boatload of money to ride the pine the last two seasons, and did the organization a solid by coming back on a vet min salary. I'm OK with giving him a prove it year.

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