Why 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan has a Man Crush on Eagles QB Carson Wentz

Grant Cohn and Crystal Scuor of All49ers focus on why San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan has a man crush on Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz. Comply with Crystal on Twitter

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Why 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan has a Man Crush on Eagles QB Carson Wentz

23 thoughts on “Why 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan has a Man Crush on Eagles QB Carson Wentz”

  1. If Kyle really likes athletic QB then why didn't he draft Mahomes? They had him and they passed on him. I just think Kyle should just let Jimmy be Jimmy and gunsling it away. I can see Jimmy is struggling out there even though he look good but he's hesitant to pass a lot. And that's Kyle's fault. Kyle switching to the run game in the NFCCG really screw up Jimmy's head. He knows if he gets a lot INT they will switch to the running game or bench him for Mullin. Let Jimmy fly like how the Seahawks is letting Wilson loose right now. INT be damn. Even the great QB of all time have INT.

  2. What the fuck is she talking about oh my goodness shut the fuck up Carson wents is a billion times better then nick Mullens u dumb fuck and way better then jimmy

  3. Wentz would play great in a good offense.Once he lost his offensive coordinator he struggled.Frank Reich had him at an MVP level.Soon as Frank left his play went down.

  4. If wentz had Kyle Shanahan he would be running circles around the league with that defense in sanfrancisco nick Mullens might eventually be better i dont know the future but to say nick Mullens is better than wentz in three games is ludicrous

  5. Grant do u think it’s possibility Kyle was saying that to build up nick Mullens confidence against the eagles 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  6. Before this season saying mullens was better then wentz would be absolutely laughable, but wentz has been playing horrible this year, we’ll see if he gets out of this slump or not

  7. You wont get him any cheaper than now, eagles have line issues, and WRs are injured. Jackson is a take off the top kind of reciever he's not going to run routes over the middle in zone coverage.
    Reagor is a stud, so now is the time with him injured.

  8. See this is why I try to not listen and be brainwashed with the media. If you check Carson Wentz’s stat the last three years if is the only QB to throw 21 plus TD and 7ints or less in 3 straight years!!! His stats are better the “Great” Aaron Rogers!!!! These are all FACTS. Ok he is having a bad start to the season but I will tell you this, I would trade Jimmy G for Wentz in a heartbeat!!!!!

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