It’s nearly like Republicans have been educated the final 6 years to defend & make excuses for Donald Trump. That ends now. Conservatives at the moment are realizing that Donald Trump just isn’t able to being trusted to battle for conservatism. On this video Daniel McCarthy goes by way of many issues which have occurred beneath Donald Trump, that individuals proceed to make excuses for.

Trump SAID lots of nice stuff. He appealed to People who have been determined for management & for somebody to face up for them after 8 years of Obama. Sadly, Trump was lots of speak, and never practically sufficient motion.

For anybody nonetheless on the fence about Donald Trump, please thoughtfully think about this video. Each conservative American wants to contemplate if Trump deserves the assist of the conservative base shifting ahead. It’s Daniel McCarthy and Maggie VandenBerghe (and lots of different People) opinion, that he now not deserves to be the chief since he failed People in so some ways.

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Thanks to everybody who reached out in assist of the “$1M Debate Problem for Donald Trump” video. Daniel McCarthy has but to listen to again from Donald Trump or his staff on his provide as of the time this video was posted. See the complete Phrases & Situations of Daniel’s provide at www.DemandDaniel.com

Cease defending Donald Trump. Have him defend himself & debate Daniel McCarthy.

From Maggie:

Particularly to my YouTube subscribers: I notice a few of you who solely comply with me right here may really feel a little bit out of the loop with the work Daniel McCarthy and I’ve been doing. Please see my Fb web page or my different social media in case you are curious about catching up on our work in Arizona on the frontlines for the battle for our nation. I sometimes solely put up longer particular movies & brief movies that I make on YouTube, so I notice lots of you could be confused by my place on Donald Trump. I first publicly got here out questing Trump in March of 2020 once I debated Steve Bannon on air on his present (that video has been eliminated however is accessible on my Rumble channel). I discovered loads throughout my time in politics in DC which led me to some painful realizations after the election. Maybe this deserves an extended video testimony of my realizations. If you’re curious about realizing extra, drop me a remark. I learn each YouTube remark. Thanks all in your assist and your consideration of my perspective. I’m right here for fact and I encourage you all to remain curious & vigilant as we watch our world change at an alarming charge. I pray we are able to flip the ship round collectively. — Midge

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  1. Trump, China Puppet Brandon… It doesn't matter. Each of them were put in office for one reason, which was to Divide Us and Separate Us from each other so we will never Unite.

  2. Get the hell out of here. Trump had more opposition before he even came to office than any other president in history. He had to battle the Dems, the Rinos, the Fake News media, the CIA, the FBI AND Big Tech and Big Pharma. His greatest mistake was listening to the swamp rats who advised him. In spite of all of that, he STILL got more done for the American people than any other president in recent times. He couldn't do everything by himself. Unsubbing.

  3. Yep. That disastrous 'First Step Act' and 'Muh Platinum Plan' were a slap in the face to Trump's base too. Any attempt to appease the Antiwhite Oligarchs, and their faithful foot soldiers is futile.

  4. Do you find complicity in the GENOCIDE of the American People acceptable? In what alternative reality is the murder of millions of innocent men, women and children acceptable? If you consider yourself conservative, then BE conservative and exercise extreme discernment when it comes to choosing a political candidate to support…Trump is part of the Deep State. He betrayed us all. Face reality and move forward with superior alternatives.

  5. I'm a 76 year life long patriot Conservative Republican. I have seen a few things in my lifetime. I ask that American Patriots DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS FOOL. Donald Trump was the best thing. That ever happened to American politics since the great Pres. Ronald Reagan. This Clown is a turncoat, or a plant by the Left-Wing, or both. He's a creepy guy with a weird message.

  6. I'm a lifelong Republican, voted for the 1st time in 1988. 40 year Philadelphia inner city resident. I trust Trump's intent. I will never trust a career politician ever again. Every politician I've been exposed to short of Reagan has made fortunes in their "trade" while selling our freedoms and liberties. Trump's 1st term was blind for all intents and purposes. He had few he could trust and still managed to do much of what the folks who voted for Him wanted him to do, even neck deep in the swamp.
    On that note…
    I'll listen to what you have to say, but understand it will be a hard pitch. Myself, and folks like me won't settle for anything less than Trump's vision of the U.S, with the same passion and Teeth. He gave up wealth and status amongst things we can only imagine to do what he did. If you believe someone can compete with the endearment that fosters, have at it. It will take that, along with a similar policy agenda, foreign and domestic, to compete with Trump. I'm not saying there's no one that can fit that bill, but in 34 years of voting, I've only seen one. Whatever laundry list of grievances there may be does not matter compared to his accomplishments . Any competitor will have to stand on his or her own merits And Reputation.

  7. as much as i did not want to hear this you can not dispute the facts the very next day after trump was eletected he told the american people that we owed the clintons a dept of gratitude I new then something was not right with that said trump was over his head with opisition that was partly created by him ,His campane speechs were what people wanted to hear but i think once trump was eletected he relized he had to swim in the same swamp he said he would drain ,someone besides the president runs America, iI elections mattered we would not be able to have them

  8. He tried a lot to fire Fauci. Trump can't talk openly on big tech. He was not a fan. Elections are indeed rigged. You weren't important enough to contact, sorry that you feel so special. I agree about Jan 6th, but he never encouraged them to do that. He told them to stop. Err… he helped against spending. We all wanted her looked into. Give you that ONE so far. Probably, because she was untouchable. Oh well, you are a mixed bag. Some I agree some I don't. The wall was not finished b/c of dem push back. Joe encouraged the surge and stopped the wall. Glad Sinema won. All president set involved in races. Don't like Fauci. He would have finished the job if 4 years were not stolen from our disheartened souls.

  9. He played the role assigned because people before he ran were ready to revolt then he ran pretending to be an outsider to quiet the masses and get people to think they had someone in their corner. They never did. He made concussions for the people on purpose while still pushing the narrative of the NWO and their depop program. He has always been on the side of the devil (GLOBALISM), but to deceive the people he played the role of outsider hero…He never was!

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