Why did Alabama lose to Texas A&M? Was it because of Bill O’Brien or Pete Golding or something else?

Why did Alabama lose to Texas A&M? Was it because of Bill O’Brien or Pete Golding or something else?

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Why did Alabama lose to Texas A&M? Was it because of Bill O’Brien or Pete Golding or something else?

49 thoughts on “Why did Alabama lose to Texas A&M? Was it because of Bill O’Brien or Pete Golding or something else?”

  1. And don't get me started with bill O'Brien. So many weapons and he called a terrible game. We were gashing them running the football. Call more QB running plays

  2. Not because of the lost there defense looked lost unbelievable badly exposed. Golding has to go seriously. This team lost to a bum team with 2 losses. Plus the offensive line looked terrible. Offensive play calling was putrid we turned it over on the 2 yard Line dropped balls the worst l seen Alabama play in along time. Golding is a bum seriously a bum. This was supposed to be Nick Sabans best def defense in like his tenure. This defense isant close to the l think the 2018 championship team when we didn't let LSU get past the 50 yard Line. And the 1992 defense was a beast.

  3. I think Nick needs to go after Jeremy Pruitt. There wasn't a drop off in defense when Jeremy took over for Kirby. There a lot of reasons that they lost but that Bama "D" is nowhere to be found this year. If they make it to the SEC Championship game they'll lose to Georgia badly.

  4. Good Lord… Sometimes you can have a great team and still get beat. The other team can play better or coaching can call a better game. Achane was explosive on that kickoff return. TAMU made a great play on the pick in the end zone. TAMU defense is very good and made a stance when it was needed a couple times. Bryce fumbled. It happens.

  5. as an Aggie, I had a flashback of 2012 when Johnny went to Tuscaloosa! Coach Saban later admitted that was probably the best thing that happened to his team that year other than winning the National Championship. The only question fir me is will Coach Saban be playing the game film in their facilities during the next off season to remind his players like he did after the 2012 season?

  6. You guys are apologist and we understand you wanting to keep your access to the program but the fans aren't stupid. Golding has been garbage for 4 yrs and his poor teaching of the middle linebackers, poor schemes, poor play calling and failure to do something as simple as disguising blitz packages. It makes no sense to have an elite program with a mediocre coordinator on either side of the ball.

  7. Both coordinators failed Saban as well as Saban failing himself with in game decisions. Golding shouldn't even still be there and O'Brien needs to learn how to call plays in college. The players also have a lot to blame for dropped balls, missed tackles, missed blocks, and blown assignments. Chris Owens should not be on that field.

  8. We Lost because of BILL O'BRIEN'S WACK and STUPID Play calling in the Red Zone!!!!! All those Pass Plays from the 5 yard Line, when we have Robinson as our " Beast Mode" WTF??!!!! We could have gotten 2/3 more TD's if it weren't for his RIDUNKULOUS Plays!! They had BETTER FIX this!!!!

  9. When you have unqualified coaches & entitled players both give up. Golden is & has been a joke. O'Brien is stuck in the past, we are a long way from the Patriots. Dropped passes, penalties, unprepared Defense, no Offensive Line, bad snaps, piss poor throws

    Was embarrassing.

  10. Need changes at WRs, too many drops and can't get separation. Need changes in the secondary and ILB positions also. The talent we have isn't playing up to its level. That said many Bama teams have recovered from an early loss, but this team doesn't appear as if they will gel and put in the work needed to succeed. A few upper classmen such as J. Mechie, C. Harris, Henry T. are resting on their laurels, but their draft stock is tumbling

  11. Bill Obrien should get fired, he sucked in the NFL, you don't let Bryce Young throw on the 1 yard line when you Robinson, play calling terrible through out whole game,they will not make playoffs if Saban keeps him calling play,fix the problem, our defense is the worst I've seen in years

  12. Can’t give a pass to the players. MLB play is atrocious. Weak up front on both lines of scrimmage. Bad tacklers and mental mistakes all over the secondary.

  13. I will say more than anything else, we have shown a repetitive inability to meaningfully adjust during the game. Listen, sometimes an OC develops a gameplan for the run … and it doesn't work well, so you adjust. Sometimes, your DC develops a gameplan for stopping the opponent … and it doesn't work well, so you adjust. Name one halftime correction that we have clearly displayed? That is why I think we need to contemplate our coaching choices. Finally, this D was supposed to be special because of the growth from last year. I am not sure we haven't regressed.

  14. This looks like Loxley and Dabol all over again, maybe worse… Personally I don't feel bad at all at saying neither one is right for this team. Been saying that for years with Golding and since the beginning with O'brien this year. I don't think Alabama is ready to take on the Dawgs and frankly the way they played all of a sudden their schedule looks a whole lot tougher .. Will they get by Arkansas or Auburn? This team isn't ready, all the talent in the world, even though it seems like the most important passes of the game were dropped — they are not ready and Im thinking that some of the talent that is sitting down should be playing in stead of sitting. Golding needs to be gone.. Every year I see the same shit from him and hear the same things from the Alabama apologists and you can't keep covering for his costly mistakes 3 years in a row guys.. its really sounding more and more like cheerleader bullshit… just saying.. it's time for him to go.

  15. Under Golding, the Tide cannot stop the swing pass to the back out of the backfield. Every team has done it against the Tide, and every team has had success with it.

  16. 500plus yards and 38 points should be more than enough to win. The defense cant tackle,and they look lost on defense. Quit defending pete freakin golding. This has been a problem since he came to Bama. Kyle if you cant see poor coaching that has been here since pete got hired then you should stick to talking about recruiting.

  17. Nobody expects us to give up 8 pts a game anymore. The OC is leading the team to over 40 pts a game. The DC is leading us to allowing 24 ppg. Theres 41 teams better than us! If that's not a clear indication that pistol pete needs to, you are not knowledgeable on Bama football. He has more talent than everyone else and he's ranked 42!! Case closed.

  18. Alabama needs Joe Biden as the Defensive coordinator!!!!!
    Now seriously…. Alabama is the most DANGEROUS college football team in America after this loss…..
    They are a wounded 1500 lbs Kodiak Bear that is pissed off…..
    Look out!!!!!!

  19. You have to play complimentary football, everything should work together. Bad defense and no ball control in the first half equals failure. Even when we got the lead back late in the game, the offense went 3 and out so everyone's to blame

  20. Respectfully, this isn't a "how we used to be" on defense mindset issue. We have poor defensive playcalling (blitzes that are so badly defined the opposing O line can handle them with ease, called at the weirdest times), poor tackling (you don't have to be a football genius to see it on the field), and players that are either coached out of position or go out of their way to avoid contact (I'm looking right at you #8, among others). I don't expect our defense to pitch shutouts. I do expect a defensive coordinator to recognize that when you have a banged up backup QB with issues coming into the game combined with a blitz package that doesn't work, dropping 8 into coverage from time to time might be a decent idea. I expect players to be in position before the snap and know what their responsibility is (watch how often our guys are still either looking at the sideline at snap or flat out avoiding their area of responsibility). I expect basic tackling. I expect linebackers to..maybe I'm crazy here..back the line by filling the hole and meeting the RB there instead of either waiting on him or avoiding contact altogether. In short, I expect decent, fundamental play from a defense that has far too much talent on it to be playing this poorly. If 38 points aren't enough to win, there is a problem.

  21. Yes yes and yes. Pete obviously. Brian, let's forget making match ups and innovating plays, let's just try to play call what you were given, can you at least work on doing that? Players dropping balls and line men on both sides.

  22. The 2018 and 2019 classes were terrible from a depth perspective and it is showing up along the DL. I blame Pete Golding more for his positional coaching. ILB play is hideous and has been since 2019.

  23. The difference to me or “why I blame Golding” is before when we would get beat it was quarterbacks dropping dimes and jus having phenomenal games. Now we are making the quarterbacks look good that are really not the don’t have to drop dimes we are so out of position they are running wide open. If the defense is in position and not making plays that’s a personnel problem when they are not lighted up and have no clue what’s going on, that’s a coaching problem.

  24. Many comments blaming everything you can imagine. But I am confident Coach Saban will put his finger on it. Part of the shortfalls are obvious, you graduated almost the entre team and coaching is suspect. Then motivation does seem lacking on both sides of the ball, however the defense is weak. Also had targeting penalty loss of player in first quarter. Saban Teams are not supposed to make mistakes, but this team isn't proving such. Sat at MS State will be interesting.

  25. PETE GOLDING SUCKS. What game was this guy watching?? Alabamas defense looked absolutely terrible. Linebackers were lost all night. Defensive backs were awful. It was pathetic. A field full of underdeveloped 5 🌟 athletes that couldn't match up with an unranked Texas A&M. Redzone play calling sucked. This was a combination of piss poor effort and the worst coaching I've seen in years.

  26. Man I’m sorry we gotta get rid of Pete it’s the same shit, dbs not turning around, lbs confused, safeties confused like what else y’all need to see not the mention the play calling like how many times you need to see that one blitz isn’t working for you to stop calling it. Arkansas dropped 8 in coverage and was successful, a&m’s Qb couldn’t find anyone. So why wouldn’t do the same thing bc sending our Lbs that’s proven to not get home time after time plus dbs that’s not getting home either is dumb & for Saban to just watch this bs and still let him continue to fuck us

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