40 thoughts on “Why Does Eren Yeager Smell Like A Baka?”

  1. people who say "you smell like a baka" kiddos are just mha anime fans that are unable to ever make a single funny joke in there life. their humor is so shitty and dead and yet they think they are sane, honestly they ruin earth. change my mind.

  2. Just to prove how much of an eco chamber the internet is. I had never heard of the word Baka until a week ago when my sister called me one. I’m 24 and use tiktok a lot. I also go to university for animation so I know a lot of anime fans but still it avaided me.

  3. The word sus is slang for suspect/suspicious and has been around since 2014 or earlier. I had classmates say that a lot to joke around with friends that were acting sus/too friendly.

  4. I'm gonna combine "sussy baka" and "hewwo everypony bazinga" into a single powerful spell that will make even the strongest mortals take massive amounts of psychic damage

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