Why Donald Trump's New Look Has People Talking

Even earlier than he grew to become President of america, nearly everybody knew what Donald Trump appeared like. A grasp of branding, the mogul had spent a long time placing his identify, face, and golden hair on absolutely anything that appeared like it might make him a buck. By the point he efficiently ran for President, he had all of the identify recognition that he wanted.

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Since departing the White Home in January 2021 (and getting kicked off social media round that very same time), Donald Trump has been notably quieter than individuals have been used to him being throughout his presidency. Throughout that quiet interval, he is frolicked altering his look. Here is why Donald Trump’s new look has individuals speaking.

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Why Donald Trump's New Look Has People Talking

42 thoughts on “Why Donald Trump's New Look Has People Talking”

  1. Colored contacts are evident. Is a toupee part of the look? He is still repulsive to many Americans, at least 83,000,000 voters. Frankly, he makes my skin crawl

  2. And he can change his appearance by covering his bold head too his bald ass it's not going too make him any less attractive. It is what it is, the last famous word's of the biggest looser!!!!!

  3. Just a thought here he's never had the weight of the free 🌎 on his shoulders, that was felt by the Generals. Sorry but there wasn't much room with his ego taking up the empty space.

  4. Donald Trump is just taking a four year vacation from being president! He will be back in 2024 like a tsunami tidal wave! And the Liberals will bow down to their master!

  5. Trump and John Dailey , should be president and vice president after the next election . What a pair those two would make, someone should put those two together on a golf course and do a cable reality TV show. i'm quite sure that would hit.

  6. I and many, many people here in Texas will be in favor of Trump 100% in 2024. I don't give a damn what color his hair is or his tanning ritual is, I care about what he already did for us and want him back in office. Biden and Harris both must go unless you are all socialist's.

  7. That woman had the balls to say, on record and on film, that she is the most bullied person in the world. White, famous, rich, and a shitload of other things and she can't be grateful only obnoxious. We don't want you back EITHER, Melania.

  8. I must have hit a nerve by pointing out how old the former President is and it shows, that's why you deleted it 😁😁😁😁😁 That's ok I'm going to repeat it. He's very old and it shows. I also said in my original comment that you shouldn't be comparing President Obama to Trump, because first of all Obama did two terms, unlike that loser and second he is young and competent. I would never vote for any Trump, old or young.

  9. Reporters are hate mongers!
    I bet they wish they would've pushed harder for Trump..their choice, Biden, is a disgrace!!
    Hopefully, he will be back in 2024!

  10. Trump re-elected legally president of the United States until January 2025🇺🇸👍 is legally fact, Trump is the current people president🇺🇸👍 accept it🤣 joe dementia🤪🤤zzzzzzz"come on men!" 👉IMPEACHMENT☝️🤣

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