Why Kyle Shanahan’s Play Calling Was So Poor Before the 49ers Bye Week

Grant Cohn discusses why San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan’s play calling was so poor earlier than the bye week.

Why Kyle Shanahan’s Play Calling Was So Poor Before the 49ers Bye Week

41 thoughts on “Why Kyle Shanahan’s Play Calling Was So Poor Before the 49ers Bye Week”

  1. Shanahan will blame everything on everybody except on himself !!! This is the coach who had said “ the niners were not his first choice “ ????? So why did you sign up ? He is a arrogant , biggest ego , and over hyped coach ! If he doesnt win SB , demote him !!!!!

  2. I will say, Arizona was loading the box daring the 49ers to pass. Typically you run the ball to get a defense to commit to the run so that the pass game is easier. But they already committed to stopping the run, so Kyle had to hope Trey could pass his way out of them stacking the box, but he couldn’t so Kyle’s hands were tied. Any top qb in the league would have had a field day.

  3. Every coach has games where their offense is not clicking. Show me a coach that hasn't. And the issue with Trey is partly that he did not play in a zone read or pistol type offense. He ran most plays from under center. Play action. But people like Grant Cohn say"he shouldn't be running the Jimmy G offense." But in college he ran simular plays. And Kyle will get the offense back rolling. Everyone has a point in their life where they will be doubted. And Grant Cohn just has personal issues with Kyle because Kyle chumps him off 😂😂😂😂P.S: Jed aint ever listening to a Cohn. We all know that. Kyle aint going nowhere. Fire him and The Raiders will gladly get him

  4. I think that kyle didn't think we was gone have a chance like we did. He believed the hype about Arizona. Til it was ooh snap we really have a chance to win.

  5. 11 runs by RB’s – And, they were mostly all successful. Rookie QB in his first start – and only a tease of a run game. You run the ball Lance. What a shit show.

  6. Something isn’t clicking, against seacocks the 1st drives they were doing really good with intermediate deep passes and then all of a sudden they came back to the basic offense

  7. The offense has yet to click this season and haven’t played 4 quarters in a game this season, also the team is very sloppy thats a reflection of the coach!!’ Point blank Kyle has got to do better or get out of the Bay !!

  8. Is Kyle to blame for bad playcalling yes. The Cards game – I don't understand running your QB more than your RB. But it's not as bad as everyone is thinking and acting. Everyone sounds so whiny. Honestly. We are 2-3. Two of our losses are to NFC CHAMPIONSHIP contenders. And both games were close. And we did that despite injury turmoil again. The league is insanely even this year. 12 teams could easily win SB. This isn't 2019. We have a lot less leadership (no Sherman, Buckner, Sanders, Staley, Salah) – people gotta be patient and let the young guys fill that leadership void. As for Shan's playcalling – again – it's not great. But in general it makes sense. Your new QB who you drafted with plans for the future but want to basically redshirt this year is suddenly tossed into playing. He's been running only a couple schemes in practice. You can't in one week throw the whole playbook at him. Only thing is he should have used his RBs more. But each loss has been that way – Seattle – offense doing great – Jimmy injured. GB – Jimmy slow start and NO RBs, so Shan limited in what he can call. If things by week 10 or 11 don't look better I'll start to become less patient but for now – not biting this negative apple.

  9. That's not always the case with the play-calling a lot of it has to do with the execution of the player a lot of drop balls, missed blocks guys getting blew up at the point-of-attack on the offensive line

  10. Who would replace him tho? He needs to be given a sit down and a good ultimatum. Let Lynch be a GM and get on his ass. Give him 1 or 2 full seasons with Lance and keep an eye out for a replacement until then in case he were to be fired. There has to be a replacement lined up or we will have another chip kelly situation.

  11. I wanna know what’s wrong with us keeping Mike Mcglinchey this year. Kyle’s play calling would be fine if we didn’t have a right tackle that held every damn play and fucked up our drives

  12. For reminder of these games, seems like 49ers can rebound but only if they fix their offensive performance. Colts are competing despite their record and could be another loss, same goes for Bears who are taking Fields on the right track, Cardinals and Rams gonna be tougher, Jaguars could be a win but don't sleep on them because they can "upset" this team, Vikings is fishy but also can give a good scare, Seahawks will recover Russ and always put fight on us, Bengals are balling and not wise to belittle them, Falcons are same as Vikings, Titans would be like Seahawks, Texans supposed another win unless Kyle doesn't shoot his foot and finally Rams just rest his core players but still compete for honor.

    Kyle Shanahan must keep Lance on the field and aid him with a better scheme just the way Nagy is doing with Fields. 49ers can end with a 10-7 or 11-6 record with better offense but if not then I'm afraid they can't even reach past 5-12 or 4-13. With a losing record, Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch must be kicked out of SF and restart the process with a new head coach and general manager.

  13. His play calling is too predictable at this point. The limit of Everything happening underneath the coverage for the last 3 years has made the offense just too easy to predict. Jimmy's limited ability to throw down field is the main culprit. Trey Lance will begin to open up the field and keep defenses honest…along with his athletic abilities on top of it. Trey can throw, just a matter of time. Jimmy can't.

  14. The problem is Trey is just not that good at this point. If Shanahan left the normal game plan he everyone would saying why didn’t he make it easy for Lance and give him plays he did at NDSU?

  15. None of the symptoms of bad play calling are inherent to this year, they're inherent to Kyle Shanahan. We can just look at his two Super Bowl appearances as evidence to support my claim. This problem with play calling looks worse this year, because even when he makes a good call so often the play is not executed well and fails. Drops, missed blocks, etc.

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