Why Melania Trump Wants Nothing To Do With Donald Trump's Potential Run In 2024

Melania Trump was probably the most non-public and enigmatic first girls of all time, typically publicly rebuking her husband’s affection (bear in mind these hand swats?) and even refusing to pose for cameras following her farewell handle, selecting as an alternative to go straight for her ready automotive on the airport, and sunny Florida past. Love her or hate her, it positive appeared like Melania did not need to be first girl a minimum of a number of the time, and she or he appeared relieved when Donald misplaced the election in 2020. So how does she really feel concerning the prospect of her husband working once more? This is why (allegedly) Melania Trump desires nothing to do with Donald Trump’s potential run in 2024.

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Why Melania Trump Wants Nothing To Do With Donald Trump's Potential Run In 2024

42 thoughts on “Why Melania Trump Wants Nothing To Do With Donald Trump's Potential Run In 2024”

  1. My opinion melania is just like her trifling lying ass husband, Faker than a two dollar bill tired of hearing about her I have no sympathy for her none at all I feel the same way about her like she felt about those children that were locked up and those that died I"I don't care do you?", Me: I'm all out of f****s to give, Just go away far far away. I said exactly what I meant not with the foolishness so tread lightly.

  2. Petty gossip with no receipts.

    Let Melania be and let her live her life. What she wants to do with her life is none of your business. In the end, whatever will be WILL BE.

  3. For your information Miss Nikki Donald Trump going to lose the election he is the president of the United States Biden and his cronies are the ones that stole the election he is illegit. And I don't blame Melania to want to keep on walking and not even post her pictures with that fake and mainstream Media news Trump is coming back and it's not going to be in 2024 because he's the real president of the United States

  4. TRUMP WON 2020. Buckle up sheeple, he’s coming coming back soon. Biden is a traitor and clearly demented. Kamala is a hooker and not legally elected anyway. Trump is the only leader that can manage the massive cleanup we will have to do after tribunals take out these traitors. What an amazing time to be alive. Coup and all….

  5. It was clear that she hated being in the White House. She just took it day by day. It was pretty obvious she didn’t want to be there. It showed in her Christmas decorations in the White House and the boring White house garden.👎🏽

  6. Always say consider the source when they're being degemental or critical that tells a lot about them it's a lot about them And who gives a hoot what they think they're nobody

  7. He did not lose it he he won the election And there's proof you must not read the papers you must not listen to the news only do the fake news you listen he did not lose

  8. She is a mother 1st . What a LADY …mothers and their children .Live your best life Beautiful. .loved her last walk right to the vehicle…get me outta here 💋⚘🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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