Why The Left Can't Handle Donald Trump | Russell Brand

Why The Left cannot deal with Donald Trump – are the media underestimating him? What do you assume?

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Why The Left Can't Handle Donald Trump | Russell Brand

27 thoughts on “Why The Left Can't Handle Donald Trump | Russell Brand”

  1. Wow…working class right wing southern folks have more in common with black and hispanic working folks than with the white southern elites? Try that out, Russell, and see how that goes over in Macon, GA, for instance. You miss one half, at least, of Mr. Trump's appeal if you think it's only an economic appeal. You want to get down with those folks, get down with them, but don't misinterpret or sanitize what it is they want. They want to get back to the fifties, when everyone knew their place. Make America great again. Do you really not get that?

  2. I have to wonder whether you've rethought your cynicism about Trump.

    You lumped him in with the media establishment, the corporatocracy, the administrative state and political elites, even though every single one of the above had their guns out the moment he came down the escalator to announce he was running. This includes at least half of career Republican politicians.

    Why do you think they were determined to destroy him?

    You said the media exists to maintain the status quo for the powerful, yet 94% of all media coverage of Trump was negative, and 90% of that was either false or misleading. If the media exists to maintain the positions of those in power, why were they so eager to portray him in the most negative light possible?

    You said he was just like the others–unconcerned with the little guy. Even though the inflation rate (which always hits the poor the hardest) was below 2.5% every year he was in office, and was 1.23% in t2020. Pre-COVID, unemployment was at an all time low in every demographic, and incomes were rising fastest among the bottom 50%.

    His tax cuts meant that the working and middle class saw a 13%+ reduction in their federal tax liability. On top of their disproportionately rising incomes.

    In Q3 2020, 11.1 million jobs were added to the US economy. Yes, most were people going back to work after lockdown, but there was still a net gain of jobs. The recovery was v-shaped. The mainstream media ignored this. Why?

    You claimed he was for transnational, corporate interests, but was also jingoistic. Those two things can't be true at the same time. Further, if that's who he's for, why are all the transnational billionaires funding his opponents?

    I don't know if you've really looked into the General Flynn case. He "lied" to the FBI about a perfectly legal conversation he'd had months prior that was material to NO investigation whatsoever. The lie was kind of like the difference between, "I didn't tell them not to do anything," and, "I didn't tell them to not do anything."

    Who was General Flynn? He was Trump's NatSec advisor, and he'd pledged that he was going to audit ALL of the alphabet agencies. And he just happened to be the one guy who deviated from the "Benghazi was a spontaneous riot provoked by a shitty internet movie that had been out for more than two months, even though it happened on September 11, and also what difference, at this point, does it make?" official narrative.

    He was a threat to entrenched power, so they took him down. And that entrenched power spent 4 years trying to take Trump down.

    I'm sorry, but none of that looks like Trump was "one of them".

  3. What meaningful improvements do you have in mind? The only ones that matter are tax decreases and new jobs for the underprivileged, both of which Trump has done! Anything else is gibberish. Redistribution – which you seem to consider a good idea – doesn't work and is in fact counterproductive. If you want to attack Trumps policies then do so! Except you will fail, because these are all beneficial, regardless of media coverage.

  4. We do not love Trump because he is a Republican. We love Trump because we hate the government we have. We hate the fact that our government passed NAFTA which made it impossible for American manufacturers to compete in our own country. We hate that our government put us last. We hate wealth distribution because we see the lazy people ( Berny Sanders ) demanding free shit. We hate seeing people getting free services because they have a certain color of skin. We hate that the left uses race as a tool and we really hate being called racist because we do not agree with the left. I hate being told because I’m white that I’m the enemy . We are America but with NAFTA they deliberately killed the American economy and created a multinational economy which put China first. We are now at a point where China has complete control over us. If we piss them off they can kill our economy in one day. Yea we hate our government ( the people who win because they get payoffs).

  5. The Left handled Donald Trump by putting in place a massive cheating effort. It worked. Nine months of Biden has been a disaster. Biden is the puppet of transnational corporations. “ kids in cages” or created by Obama. Taiwan is about to be invaded by China. The Chinese and everyone else can see how weak the American leader ship with Biden. You are a very eloquent speaker but that doesn’t change the fact that you’re full of shit.

  6. Stop to call that clay "the left". What the west suffering in this idiotic finance fuedal system needs is socialism with every each countries characteristc.!!!

  7. Kids in cages, wow what do you think of the drug trafficking, human trafficking, abandoned minors including babies, pouring through the southern border due to the policies of Biden????? Defunding the police, murder rates through the roof and of course critical race theory. Whites having to feel guilty, for being white. Makes Trump policies look meek and mild don't you think???

  8. How many underprivileged people spend their day drinking, out a social grant ,and screwing and bringing in more , underprivileged people for the tax payer to look after , most of the tradesmen, honest working people are sick of selebrities, bannging the morale drum , you wouldn't want the pressure and stress of a ceo of a large corporation my freind , they employ millions of people world wide , and have to make correct decisions, where is politician's just raise taxes creat more red tape , Trump made it easier for businesses to expand creating more jobs . Simple governments job is to keep the streets safe and clean , the lights on not to nurse maid the population.

  9. the reason people like trump, is because he didn't have complex plans to fix every social issue by giving more money to the government,but by giving everyone well paying jobs, and then they could figure how they want to spend it.

  10. I voted for Trump. It was a fair election. Then I watched the media, the Hollywood elite, everyone tore him down despite his numerous accomplishments. So now we have Biden and America is in decline.

  11. Most hate Trump simply because they are told to. Then, there were those that thought they may have to actually get a Job, in the booming Trump Economy. Then, there was the Globalist Crowd that were actually sowing seeds of discontent, to the uneducated Masses….Democrats, far too often. People that like Free Stuff. To be sure, there were other reasons and motivations. But, the NWO types are difficult, to defeat or expose.

  12. God, I really wish I hadn’t voted for GW. By his second term I hated his guts and now he’s really become a traitor to the Republican Party. I kind of understand why GW hates Trump; The Donald really purposefully embarrassed his brother Jeb although I think Jeb is a weak-minded drone. But GW went too far and “sidled with the Obamas” — as Seinfeld might say, “He’s a sidler!” — simply to gain sympathy from the mainstream media and the Left. How I wish I could get in a time machine and not vote for GW. Even so I don’t know what I’d do then, maybe abstain. (I rarely vote for a Democrat. But I’ll admit, Kerry kicked GW’s a-s in the debates and I was concerned that GW would lose because of that, at the time. Luckily for me — at the time once again — Americans don’t understand debate at all so it didn’t really help Kerry. But Bush got creamed. Remember the whole, “Well, being president is hard!” comment by Bush? I cringed and my eyes got big while watching as I thought GW was finished. THAT was the lamest thing ever in a debate.)

  13. I will admit, Trump cracks me up. He is pretty damned funny. I did vote for him but the second time I was torn. I don’t like how he berates everyone in his own Party and it’s only human nature to have pushback, which many Republicans in office have done. I don’t think he’ll run in 2024 but in reality I don’t care either way. I won’t vote for him UNLESS he somehow runs and wins the nomination. If that happens I won’t have much choice because I rarely if ever vote for a Democrat. I just find Democrats to be hypocritical criminals, and most are sociopaths. Look it up. (Democrats pretend to care, but I have to live around them. They actually hate everyone, including other Democrats, and they have this very negative energy-vibe thing going on. Now, Tulsi Gabbard is an exception but in reality I think she’s really a Republican, at least philosophically.)

  14. You would’ve made a fantastic Judge! You don’t care where a person comes from or who that person is, you stick to the facts of the case! You see and speak on the evidence at play and form an opinion that is consistent with the information and evidence! That is what makes an effective leader! Although if you were a judge we wouldn’t have seen you on here, so thank you for sharing your mind with us and giving us a piece of sanity for a change!

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