WHY You Need to Make The Conversation ABOUT HER (+How to do it)

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STOP speaking about platonic stuff and generic subjects that do not enhance her curiosity and feelings. If you’re flirting with a woman you at all times want to make the dialog about her in order for you her to be serious about you. This is the golden rule: If you would like to be attention-grabbing BE INTERESTED! You want to get into a subject however at all times, flip the main target of that matter to her. It isn’t about what subjects you speak about when flirting with a woman. It is turning the subject round and wanting to know extra about her opinion or experiences on that matter. Folks love speaking about themselves and sharing their opinions.

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WHY You Need to Make The Conversation ABOUT HER (+How to do it)

16 thoughts on “WHY You Need to Make The Conversation ABOUT HER (+How to do it)”

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  2. I have autism and this stuff made the biggest difference so far stead of me calling them all the time they call me is all I started talking about was trying to get to know them not what they do more like who they are

  3. So pretty much butter up a chick, let her use you for free meals, resources, attention and therapy. Get friendzoned or be a provider while she gets smashed by the dudes she really wants, who treat her like 💩 and give her no attention. Got it 👍🏻

  4. Coach K is right on this one. It's something I personally had to work on. Being in sales for years, talking and approaching came easy to me. The mistake I made with women. I basically talked my way out of tension/her attraction. I will make this one point. If you're a good looking dude, talk less or barely at all. You don't need to do anything extra to get her number. If you're average or below, your game needs to be a level higher to score her attention/attraction towards you. At the end of the day, no matter what you look like. Still let her talk more than you.

  5. I agree but 'making it about her' might send the wrong message that guys are to ask her too many interview questions. Do you see how the two are very similar ?

  6. yeah nothing works for me i give up even trying i’m getting no where with girls. Even though i try all the dating coach advice and am a good looking guy. They just don’t like me and i have no clue why

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