Will Hillary Clinton Run Again in 2024?

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Stories at the moment are swirling that 2024 might convey a presidential election that includes none apart from Hillary Clinton. Shapiro weighs in.

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Will Hillary Clinton Run Again in 2024?

36 thoughts on “Will Hillary Clinton Run Again in 2024?”

  1. It is crazy after all the illegal s*** she has gotten away with and was not incarcerated they think she should run for president lol why is none of the leaked documents an emails being brought up all we are talking about is if she's an actual good candidate or not omg America is domed

  2. But, surely AOC should run. I mean, look at her list of achievements…
    Oh sorry, I thought you were looking.
    What do you mean there aren't any? She must have done something!

  3. I'm sorry I'm commenting before watching your video but if she does run I would not write her off overly quickly. And here is why, Democrats are incredibly stupid people. They learn about as quickly as sovereign citizens learn. They're all going to say well Biden was terrible we shouldn't have voted for him I said I would never vote for a Democrat again but…. And there you go a vote for Hillary that those same Democrat voters will regret immediately if she becomes president because this is one person if I was to identify one single citizen of this country who is least fit to be president it would be her not even because of who she was before she ran which was bad enough, but what she became after she lost. That b** be crazy! You don't want that in the White House you just don't. But don't write her off! Democrats are incredibly stupid. And stupid people are literally the most dangerous people on the planet and if you don't believe me go watch the video about the five laws of stupidity and it's not a comedy video.

  4. i wonder who is the hero we're gonna deem as a crazy psychopath, for head shooting the bad politicians. trump and clintons are the same team.
    its easy for big banks and pharma to win when they buy all the horses in the race

  5. Third time was the charm for current left wing president of Mexico. He ran three times in a row and won. Mexican presidents have a 6 year term with no re-election. He is probing the possibility of having re-elections. If he succeeds in this or if his party gets re-elected Mexico will be a failed state by 2030. If you think you have an immigration crisis right now, just wait.

  6. Millions of people in America and those are our best options? Wtf is wrong with the country? Let's end this life long politician crap and get some fresh blood.

  7. We should have taken DNA from Ronald Reagan when he was elected. His DNA created clone would be eligible for candidate for POTUS. Trump… No… He is better an opponent of the current administration.

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