Yatta ft. Lil Pete – Yatta [Thizzler.com]

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Slapped by: KGBEATZ
#Thizzler #Yatta #LilPete

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Yatta ft. Lil Pete – Yatta [Thizzler.com]

39 thoughts on “Yatta ft. Lil Pete – Yatta [Thizzler.com]”

  1. Don’t wish prison time on no one but it really brought that dawg out Yatta he catching a case every beat he murder it straight the fuck up 💪🏼😈🖕🏼

  2. #ajugyremix to ally …..Im stuck in my thots and that one couldn't give me none at all that's why I'm stuck in my faults your heart can leave you emosanly scared my my arms CHANGED her heart and I'm left fisicly scared now all I can do is stay in my Thots but that brings most off my faults As many words I wrote she won't I'm losing my hope dope is the only way I can cope but that just hides my sole from loving me that I need most I fell like gost and nowhere fell like home every one telling me to let go but that's the one thing I won't

  3. REMIX FOR JON CORTINT, MY ALLY ..M On my niga jone I'm sorry you gone my niga jon I shouldn't been blowing up her phone I was crying on the flow and when I get this hoe ant gone be the fist one I make die on the pole i left the road I'm sorry you gone I was blowing up her phone I couldn't let go that hoe don't want your shit it's the mochien it's gone get colder than her sole I'm on yours ima die on the road ima get this hoe I ant trying to be cold Jon we on ima make em die on the pole hoe I want your shit it's the mochien crying on the floor didint do shit on my stick I'm sik I don't want no bitch on my dick ima go crazy on the next niga call me stupid ima lose it MY NIGA JONE I'M SORRY YOU GONE HE ANT HOME BE THE ONLY ONE I PUT ON THE POLE TO GET THIS HOE IT'S GONE BE WAY COLDER THAN YOUR SOLE IMA TAKE THE POLE .M

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