Yemen's Houthis Launch attacks on oil refineries in Saudi Arabia: Report | World News

Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi rebels have ramped up attacks on Saudi cities and state-owned oil corporations. Including to the distress, america, Saudi Arabia’s greatest ally can also be isolating the nation in Yemen.

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Yemen's Houthis Launch attacks on oil refineries in Saudi Arabia: Report | World News

34 thoughts on “Yemen's Houthis Launch attacks on oil refineries in Saudi Arabia: Report | World News”

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  4. This day's in our planet outer space is not Even safe let alone the earth 🌎 surface because where ever you look at you will see civil war, world war preparation , protests with violence , and COVID-19 outbreak the situation is getting worse as the day passes look like it World war 3 is not far from us it might even begin in 2022 or 2023 I can just pray that 3rd world war should end within 2to5 years

  5. Okay hating terrorists no problem even i do but I don’t know why indians hate saudi arabia which have largest NRI among in Gulf or middle east countries which r even not Muslims majority

  6. We know now which people sponsorship of terrorist God almighty will bring them out, Saudi will get them in Dubai and Qatar airport coming they will face the consequences.

  7. We are seeing many people supporting Yemen terrorist attack Saudi properties. We notice many terrorist criminals comment. Saudi will win does two terrorists supporters with comment and lutice terrorist. Saudi will just let America to understand commenters and terrorist are the same. One by one Saudi will get them.

  8. US is not a top 3 oil producer after Biden shut much of our production down. The World needs to understand if your fighting evil you will receive no help from the Biden Democrat run US, the Dems only support evil, example they just murdered a bunch of little girls and elderly women in Waukesha Wisconsin tonight.

  9. Well if someone attacks us for the idiocy of our government, start in Washington DC or California please! Jk (kinda) … just get those actually responsible. It’ll stop if you get rid of the idiots for us and then we can come help you. No, no takers? Dang

    Well most of us are nice as heck … maybe too nice and why we’re here, but just know even though we are a nation governed “by the people” Bwahahahaha it’s a big fat lie

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