Yet more evidence Donald Trump is running a shadow presidency

Former President Donald Trump continues to present his commentary on different U.S. presidents’ dealing with of affairs, regardless of a longstanding custom of retaining presidential criticism out of the general public sphere. Within the newest episode of The Level, CNN’s Chris Cillizza explains how Donald Trump’s post-presidency will without end be generally known as a shadow presidency.

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Author: Chris Cillizza
Producer: Moira Donohue
The Level Editor: Leigh Munsil
Video Editor: Steven Sevilla

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Yet more evidence Donald Trump is running a shadow presidency

38 thoughts on “Yet more evidence Donald Trump is running a shadow presidency”

  1. You are only projecting your own shadow. Defending a shadow of your own fears of a rumour. This bothers you so much that you NEED too slander the guy in order too feel safe.

  2. Donald Trump talks about a Democratic Deep State. Trump is not president I wish that he'd get his sorry buns out of politics because he's playing president and it makes me furious. He's a lousey ex president and the emphasis is on EX. It'd be nice if he get lost, in fact, it seems illegal if he's calling people as a president. I wish golden idol boy would drop the edge of be world.

  3. Who cares about Trump. There seems to be a few trying to turn America to a dictatorship. He is a sick in mind and body. Give it a yr. He will be gone. I am tried of this lying sack of sh…


  5. We sure need Trump back that's for sure but shadow running a country clearly doesn't have much effect look at the mess Biden has put are economy in total downfall and getting worse day by day it's just a fact there is nothing u can blame on this other then the great new democrat party that looks a lot like communist if u ask me!

  6. Let’s just have a Civil War already. The only way to defeat Trumpism is with overwhelming physical force. Beating them at the ballot box isn’t enough because they have no respect for Democracy. These people are FULLY IMMUNE to facts—we have to BEAT the facts into their faces!

  7. Why the hell would you all label this “Trump is running a shadow presidency.” There is no shadow presidency. He may be acting like he is one but he isn’t r running one.
    Saying he is running a shadow presidency is just going to add more “evidence “ to the Qanon nuts who actually think he is still the president. Unbelievably irresponsible.

  8. Im a supporter of the Constitution .I recently have engaged in becoming informed over the past 2 years. I lived in a 3rd block Eastern european country as they evolved from Socialism. I am appalled at the direction of the present issues. First of all education. In what was a poor country the kids spoke 3 to 5 languages? Math skills, science , Govt, and economics( how to balance a check book? ) They study and go to good universities that there extra VAT tax pays for.Its not big business. If we continue on the lefts path we will soon become "THE UN UNITED SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF THE AMERICAS "I had a discussion with a friend who can't stand Trump. After putting his points forth I had to feel there is a way for him to redeem himself by actions.It is called making amends to every subcontractor he ever beat out of his pay.If he wants to be respected I know this would go a long way ..Even Scheller the Marine in jail wants no part of him.This is a problem! I would vote for Trump if he choose to make a public statement that he did in fact leave allegedly many contractors holding an unpaid invoice. Pay them. We need a real leader,, Mike Waltz, Daniel Crenshaw .Im sure if they were appointed Border Zar they would show up!! Since when do we need a supposed leader without the character required to defend one's freedoms?. One who can humble himself to admit his flaws and make the amends ? I think we can handle the truth. The BS they are selling on the pathetic networks who are into the Bush Jrs Shock and Awe BS they sell Scare and control . Look into the study conducted in Spain in 2 nursing homes on 100% survival rates of staff and patients who were treated with available meds.

  9. Trump spent 6-8 hours a day watching Fox, and 1 1/2 hours on hair and makeup. Not running a shadow government, because he was never interested in governing, just the perks and attention.

  10. He Tried to Kill Pence, and did $500 million damage to the Capital. Freeze his Campaign Account and use money to pay for the Damages!!! Jan 6th is all Trumps Fault!!

  11. Allowing Trump into the elections by the GOP was the opening of Pandora's box. You can't put the monsters back. You will be at disadvantage with a guy that has no morals, no scruples, no breaks, no self-reflection, no humility (even as a political pose). Good luck.

    ACUTALLY we the people were taken by hostiles take oversee with mass mind control..
    Gosh I can name the billionaires millionaires petty thief involved in organization of non profit public servant fraud fraud fraud criminals criminals. 2016 t refuse Trump to speech at the AT&T Dallas Texas. Put him in the boot Scoot boogie Texas Longhorns ballroom. Which is located in the crack area of dallas.. He swore revenge.. Hook um
    Longhorns actually

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